Say you will

Rain against my windowpaine

2005/2006 Some yougsters and some Olders Met, Jammed, and did some Crazy Gigs.

Then, half 2006 the group fall apart, and everybody went doin’ there own stuff again.

The Soldiers are still goin’ strong in a new format. Still Soldiers in the army of love....bubba’s?

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Hassie Dune

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The SoulOrleanSouldiers

live gig at the Nieuwmarkt at Amsterdam 2006

Cato-Sofie v Dijk : Vocals

Joost v Dijk: Guitar+Voc

Mees Warmerdam: Drums

Daniel de Vries: Guitar

Has Bangert: Bass

Wilko Sterke: Key+Sax

Robbin’Boot: Trombone

Mickey Smid: guitar